Friday, February 24, 2012

Basketball, Movie, Cupcakes & Jewelry

Upwards Basketball is coming to an end! I am so sad! I absolutely love basketball and it makes my heart so happy watching my girls play the sport. They are great little ball players. I have enjoyed coaching both teams.
Kyli's team- War Eagles

Crazy Kyli
Lady & the Tramp and cupcakes

movie time
my baby boy
Triple T snoozen on my new pillows
Make jewelry
Snoozin again

The last two weeks have been crazy! 3 nights a week they have had basketball or baseball, I have been studying for ESL test, our first grade play was last night, Chris has been traveling, etc. Only 2 more weeks until Spring Break! I have no plans other than CHILL! We had an awesome rain this past weekend. Thank you Lord! We still need a lot more rain to fill up these lakes. The girls have friends staying the night so I am off to make them clean up and bathe. Have a blessed weekend!


  1. We just finished BB too! And just bought Lady and the Tramp! Love that movie! Sounds like you've been quite busy too! We need to take notes from your sweet kitty! :)

  2. Let's take the kids to see the Dr. Seuss movie over spring break!!