Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little Bulldogs

Happy Friday! Today is Burnet Bulldog Day. We love to wear our green and black. We have yet to make a game due to Chris' traveling. Next week hopefully we can go.
We have survived 4 weeks of school. It has been crazy. Everything is new! The biggest challenge is our new curriculum, CScope. In 11 years of teaching I have never been stressed, exhausted and feel like I want to just quit. I live for the weekends so I can rest and start all over on Monday.
Today I did a little Christmas shopping. Yeah for me! I love that I shop early so I won't spend so much money all at once. I bought the girls a cash register (a real one on Craigslist) and Squinkies. The girls' play store all the time and when I was a little girl I wanted a register so i got them one. I think the Squinkies are going to be the "rave" this year. They are always sold out at Target. Toys R Us online had a couple that were InStock. Woo Hoo!
Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. The girls look so big in this post! Kyli's skirt is presh!!!