Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bulldog Pox

This weekend flew by. We went to the football game Friday. Avery's birthday on Saturday, shopped a little, babysat, church and lots of relaxing.
The girls are decorating with all their fall arts and craft stuff we got at Hobby Lobby

Chris' 35th birthday is October 1st. I decided to give him his present early. I am so bad. I can't wait. I get so excited. It is really hard at Christmas time.
This camera is 15 ft. waterproof. I am so excited about this camera. We actually tried it out in the pool. It rocks!

The girls have a bad case of Bulldog Pox. Isn't it so cute. It was a pain to get off. The actually wore them to Avery's bday party too!

Chris took the girls dove hunting tonight. NO luck! They had lots of fun though.

What a fantastic weekend. I have had allergies, been exhausted from school and have had a back ache for three days. I spent the day resting on a heating pad and feel so much better.
Have a great week!


  1. Bulldog pox... awesome!! Love the Halloween crafts. FUN!!! Eat a Molten cake, it'll make you feel better!

  2. love the bulldog pox...sounds like they are the kind that don't make you feel bad...just happier! love it! Very excited about Chris's new camera! Happy Early Bday, Chris!