Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Durango, CO day 4

The Animas River

 On the 4th day we went to Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings. It was amazing seeing the homes of Indians from 500-1500 years ago.

 Mimi and Pawpaw

 You had to walk into a canyon to get to the dwellings. It was a beast getting back up to the top. KB was exhausted so crazy Jay gave her a piggy back ride. 

 Dry creek bed- this is where the water would flow and come down a water fall. The Indians had a 30 year drought and packed up and moved out. 

 A canyon that runs below the dwellings

 There is a tiny dwelling in middle of pic. Chris thinks it's a Man Cave. He He!

 The girls didn't enjoy the trip to Mesa Verde like the adults. So glad we went because it was amazing! Every night we would head back up to DMR and swim, eat and sit by the fire. Life is so good in Durango, CO!!!

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