Saturday, October 12, 2013

Forgotten Pics

2 weeks ago Kyli's bball team played a tourney in Fredericksburg. It was so good to watch Kyli back on the court. I love watching my girls play ball. 

 I found more pics on my camera from the Tech game back in September. 

 LOVE this girl. Amy is BFF from high school
 Amy and her wonderful hubby, Michael
Well, I survived the first 6 weeks of school. My class is awesome. There has been so much change with  2nd grade joining our campus, a new prinicipal, new state testing and new attendance/report card. I felt like a was drowning at work and couldn't stay a float. Praise Jesus that testing is done and report cards are printed. I am so ready for a break!!!In two weeks my mom, sister and I will fly to Washington for 4 days. Woo hoo! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!!!

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  1. I love your "forgotten" pictures! I love the pictures of your girls near the sideline...they look so excited! WHAT a fun weekend! Glad you are making with school...ENJOY that fun trip with Brandi and your mom!