Thursday, September 5, 2013

Granddad Hardin's 90th bday

A couple weeks ago we celebrated my granddad's 90th bday. I am so blessed that my mom's parents are still her on earth with us.
Playing some bball

 We had 4 cakes that represent his life.
 American flag to represent his Navy years

 Dairy Farm
 Seneka Indian cake to represent his grandfather's tribe
 Mom, Grandmomma, Aunt Glen
 Isn't my Grandmom the cutest thing ever!!!!!
 My handsome granddad and cousin, Justin

 Justine and Trey
 Bo and Matthew
 My uncles, Rockey and Jim
 Denise and Ashton
 Jodi and Jonathan
 Brandi and Rob
 My cutie patootie hubby

 Yaloo second cousins

 32 great grandkids

 17 grandkids
Every summer growing up I spend my summers in DeLeon with my Grandparents and my Aunt Sis. I have so many memories with all of my cousins on my grandparents dairy farm. We would play outside all day under the trees and eat my grandmom's wonderful cooking. I blame all my weight on her! I love to sit with my granddad and listen to him tell war stories. He is amazing. This was the first time in years that the entire family (minus 1 member) was together. It would have been a perfect day if my Aunt Sis would have been there to celebrate 90 wonderful years. She went to be with Jesus on March 23, 2000. We miss her so much!!!!! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Sorry about your Aunt, but what a blessing to still have your Grandparents. What a wonderful celebration.