Saturday, June 15, 2013

JW Marriott

We left Thursday for a little getaway to SA to JW Marriott. The Jones family went with us. Although it was cloudy the whole time we still had a blast. We had a late start cuz Thursday morning I took KB to doctor. She has swimmers ear and strep! Boo! It didn't slow us down at all!

      Girls vs boys! Girls beat them!!!

           My buddy Carrie Beth
                     Rest time

        Watching the game Thursday
Funny story! Met this sweet girl Kerri at JW. She yelled Brandi and of course I told her I was Brandi's twin. Anyways she's from AK and follows my twin on her blog and Instagram. Small world!!

           My precious family
            Happy, happy, happy
                   Here we go!!!

KB at the doctor! Praise Jesus for meds!

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