Saturday, August 25, 2012

GDO and What I'm Lovin

We have been busy! I went back to work on Monday and it was a great week. Today we had a GDO! Fun! We went with Carrie Beth and Madi. Then we met Brandi and Addi.
Here are some things I'm loving....
Kyli's ski out fit for $65. Got it online at
The whites are off but I really don't care.
$4.88 swimsuits at Academy. The girls each got 2 for next summer.
I love my furry kids
Me and CB at Lupe Tortiallas! YUMMY
I love KB's funny faces
Kyli and Madi at Lupe's drinking the most expensive rootbeer
KB lost another tooth

Chuck e Cheese, Chuck e Cheese, Chuck e Cheese!! They didn't win!
I love me a mango marg!
My new shirt that our grade level wears on Thursdays
you can order one at get gussied up on FB
I love these bars. The are pricey but awesome! You can find them on Maleluca sight.
Kenna loves cleaning guns with her daddy
Love this

I had an awesome week. I am so glad that our first grade team is such great friends. After a long day today, I am one tired momma! We start school on Tuesday. I have 23 kids in my first grade class! Please pray that some kids don't show or that we hire another teacher! Off to bed! Have a blessed week!

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