Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easy Dinner, first swim, staph and Easter craft

I love blogging from phone. So easy but pics are out of order.
Just wanted to blog about the easiest dinner, staph, first swim of the year and Easter print.
You need package of crab, onion, asparagus and noodles. Sautée onions and asparagus, mix in crab and cooked noodles. Add mango habanero sauce. Yummy!
Chris has a nasty staph infection thanks to a bike crash.
Yep, that's me in freezing water. Had to be a lifeguard and save Rilyn.
I love my new bathing suit.
The girls made cute Easter pic with handprint. I love it!


  1. SANDI!!!!!!! Chris has staph! Is he ok?

  2. Amanda, he is okay. He was in so much pain Saturday morning. After shot, antibiotics and a cream he is much better. He will have a big, nasty scar!

  3. dont know if my first comment went through...if not...YIKES! Chris's leg looks terrible. Hope he gets better ASAP! AND...you girls are crazy for getting into the pool already! Brave, Brave souls! ha! have fun!

  4. Pool open for the season? I'm there! :)