Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kyli and Kenna's First Day of School

Monday, August 22nd was the first day of school. Kyli is in 3rd grade and Kenna is in kindergarten. We are very blessed with two awesome teachers. Kyli is in Mrs. Bullock's class and Kenna is in Mrs. Moore's. I took Kenna with me since she is at my campus. Chris took Kyli to school.
My fav picture of the girls and Raider

This is going to be a rough year. I have 21 students. 4 are a huge handful. Please pray for all teachers. We need lots of patience!!!! I have to remember how hard some of the kids have it. So sad! I need to be salt and the light! Don't get me wrong, teaching is so rewarding but it is so hard! We used to have smaller class sizes and support teachers in our class. They have taken all our help and we have a lot more kids. It is so sad where education ranks in this country.


  1. Salt and light??? Say what, don't get it!!!! Love the goofy pic w Ray ray!!! Presh girls! U will do great this year, remember, you've got your little assistant mom!!HEHE!

  2. In the bible is talks about being the salt and light to others. Basically my actions show my attitude. I need to have a good attitude so my kids can see God thru me!

  3. Your girls are adorable. I love their shirts. I will pray for you and all teachers. I know it must be a hard job. Thank you for your willingness to teach. Have a blessed year!

  4. Bless you! I send my girls teachers gifts all the time to let them know I appreciate them b/c teachers deserve it!! They should make $100,000 a year imo!! :)

    Love your girls' shirts! Have a great year and just know you are some of those kids only hope!! ;)